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 Post subject: Maria Bonoa (wip)
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:14 pm 
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Basic Information
Name: Maria Bonoa
Birthday: February 1
Blood: Muggle-born
Year: 5
House: ?
Languages: English(native), Brazilian Portuguese(highly fluent)

Physical description


Maria stands at just under 5'5". In winter months, her skin is medium-light, but during summer months she easily tans. Her hair is naturally dark brown, though without much richness to the color. Her eyes are hazel.

She prefers muggle clothes over wizard fashion. Her tastes occasionally run to the revealing, though she usually pairs such pieces of clothing(such as a miniskirt or a cropped top) with other more conservative pieces(such as jeans or a long-sleeved shirt). She is a frequent offender of the dress code, treating such things as class uniforms and house colors as suggestions rather than rules.

She has two piercings in each ear lobe, and her right ear has one piercing in the cartilage. She frequently wears a variety of necklaces, bracelets(wrist and, with sandals, ankle) and rings, not seeming to favor any pieces in particular over others.


Personality goes here

Early life

Maria was born and grew up in London, her family ignorant of magic until the summer after her older sister Karen's 11th birthday, when a member of the Ministry of Magic came to explain about the magical world. Shortly after Karen left to attend Hogwarts, Maria was tested for magic and also came up positive, an incident that suggests there might be a hidden magical history to the Bonoa family. Maria began digging into her genealogy, searching for whatever secret led to two siblings in the same generation possessing the unusual talent for magic.

Though she never found what she was looking for, her search through the past caused her to grow close to her paternal grandmother in a way that her sister never had a chance to do. When it came time for her to start her magical education at the age of 11, rather than attend Hogwarts, Maria chose to move across the Atlantic to live with her grandmother in Brazil and attend Academia Brasileira de Magia.

Academia Brasileira de Magia

Brazil stuff goes here


New bio stuff goes here



Important Possessions

Her wand is 11.5" long, stiff, and made of cedar with a phoenix tail feather core.

Karen Bonoa - Ravenclaw Alumni
Madeline Ingleman - 2nd Year Hufflepuff
Niven McLaren - 1st Year Slytherin
Sam McKinnon - 6th Year Ravenclaw

Jabari Nwosu * Joshua Tannerman * Lenora Hollings * Lillian Stewart * Maria Bonoa

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