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 Post subject: A look at the situation
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:32 am 
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[We had a cool RP yesterday, so I thought it would be nice to share it... Plus, we'll see how Kimi was right about Eleonor's fortune.
Most of the Kimi's quotes are directly from Kimikat, without any rewriting on my part.

Again, sorry, it may be just a bad attempt: I had not a lot of time to craft that. And, just a reminder, I'm not a native English-speaker. So it may suck. Hard.]

Kimi announced “One card is for answering question. Four is for a problem reading. The Celtic cross is a view on many points.”

“I don’t really have a question or a specific problem, so I guess I’ll take the Celtic cross.” Ellie answered, clearing the doubts in her mind. She was leaning against the pillar of the Main Hall, her head resting on her knees. There was no one else, apart from the two girls; it was so early in the morning.

Kimi nodded and held her hand out for the card deck. She sat down, near the center of the star in the middle of the Main Hall, her favorite place, leaving just enough space between Ellie and her for the cards. “Alright make sure you focus on what you want more details on.” She set the deck down while giving time for Ellie to focus. And then she slowly drew ten cards, laying them face down.

“OK. First card. The present starting point...” She revealed the card, the Ten of Cups, with a smile and nodded to her. “Contentment, repose of the entire heart. The perfection of that state. Also perfection of human love and friendship.”

“The second represents what crosses you, the immediate challenge.” The turned over said card, the Sun. “The Sun reflects your happiness and satisfaction. Everything is going well, you can feel excitement and exultation in the air.”

“That doesn’t sound bad. Not like a challenge either...” Ellie interrupted.

“Oh it’s not a bad thing, unless that’s how you perceive it. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing. Maybe in more like, this is what you are fighting for.” suggested Kimi.

Ellie nodded. She was so nervous: truth be told, it was the first time someone was telling her her fortune. And she trusted Kimi for being good at it. She was seeing the young woman as the craziest and coolest person she had ever met, remembering the first time she saw her, making snow angels right here, in the middle of the Main Hall. Without any snow. Her eyes were simply full of esteem, her heart full of joyful expectations.

“The third card is the recent past.” She flipped the Knight of Wands. “Departure, absence, flight, emigration. A dark, young man, friendly.”

Ellie shivered a bit, a glimpse of sadness cracking on her face. “You’re frightening me how accurate you are.” She waved her hand towards the card. “But, please, go on.” The past is the past, she thought. She knew everything about it and there was nothing to say about it. Let it fade away. Without any regret.

Kimi resumed the drawing. “Alright. The fourth is the near future.” And she pulled the Ace of Swords. “Triumph, the excessive degree in everything, conquest, triumph of force. It is a card of great force, in love as well as in hatred. The crown may carry a much higher significance than comes usually within the sphere of fortune telling.”

“Wow! Really?” Ellie was staggering. Was Kimi really drawing the cards for her or for another person? A total stranger... The fortune she was revealing was so bright, so full of luck and good things, it was like watching the life of another person. But not hers.

Kimi nodded gently. “Now, the fifth card can represent your intention.” The King of Swords. “Whatsoever arises out of the idea of judgment and all it’s connections – Power, commands and authority. He may represent the virtue of the Justice card, but he is rather the power of life and death in culture of his office.”

She was already losing her mind, afraid of the prospects. She was a frightened little girl, back in the streets, for her first day. She didn’t want that. Being in command, no... “Sounds like a lot of responsibility. I mean, I wasn’t really serious about being a Prefect: it was just a random thought...”

Kimi replied “Well, focus on that and when you get older, maybe, it’ll go that way.”

“The sixth card represents your unconscious thoughts.” It was the Queen of Coins.” Her face suggests that of a dark woman whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul. She has also the serious cast of intelligence. She contemplates her symbol and may see worlds therein.”

Ellie remained silent, eyes wide open. Waiting for the storm to pass.

“Seventh card, the advice.” Three of Cups. “The conclusion of the matter in plenty, perfection, and merriment. Happy issue, victory, fulfillment, solace, healing.”

“Eight card, external influence, what is out of your control.” The Fool. “The Fool is a lucky man, freed of the mundane concerns. There is however a deep wisdom hidden in his foolishness. The fool may be the key for solving the problem, but also a source of the problem.”

“Nine, hopes and fears.” Knight of Swords.” Skill, bravery, capacity, defence, address, enmity, wrath, war, destruction, opposition, resistance, ruin.”

“And finally ten, the outcome.” The High Priestess.” You know the right path to go. You mind abounds in understanding, compassion and wisdom, which entitles you for giving advices to others.”

That was lot to accept. Ellie feared bad omens from the drawing, but somehow she was used to misfortune and could have accepted it easily. She was just an eleven-year-old kid, even if she was more resourceful than a lot of kids of her age because of her past. And the fortune told seemed like a heavy burden for an eleven-year-old kid.

Kimi raised her eyes and patted Ellie on the head. “It’s all a matter of how you take it all. Personally, I use cards more like to look at a situation and see different angles of it.”

She slided the cards away.


Eleonor Riverbanks - 2nd year Ravenclaw

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