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 Post subject: Last Moments/Hurrah: Bradleymees chars
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:44 pm 
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Zackary Bradley

Zack, roses in hand, was coming back for the first time in a long time. Having encountered a apparating charm that he touched on accident. He spent many months wandering aimlessy. Hoping that his lover would remain true. He knocked on the door to the Ravenclaw Tower. a boy named Damien answered it. "Where is Pip? is he still here?". Damien gloomily stated his reply. "No.... I'm afraid you came far too late. He left for home as Hogwarts is closing down..." "Hogwarts is what?!?!" Zack was in shock. "Wheres my sister Ashley?" "I don't know.." Damien answered. "I suppose she got home as well..." "But Hogwarts is my home! My dream come true! Why? Who would do this?" Zack desperately pressed for answers. "Look buddy I don't know. All I know is everyone is leaving and most have already left. now if youll excuse me I got a book to read." The door shut. All of Zack's hopes and dreams were shattered. tearfully he went up to the owlry. "I will not... no... cannot go home." He stepped up to the roof and stood on the ledge. He gazed sorrowfully at the stars. "Goodbye..... Everyone... Ashley, Pip, Forgive me..." Zack let himself fall forward.

Damien Jackson

Damien continued to read his Magical Creatures book. He looked at the window. "I wish Hogwarts wasn't closing..... All this work I've been doing and all for nothing.." As he contemplated this.... He saw a figure falling from the tower accross from the window. He jumped to his feet and dashed to get a closer look. "Zack?? NOOO!" There was nothing he could do as Zack landed with a smash on the rocks and rolled lifelessly into the lake. Damien stumbled back and fell into the chair. "I.... can't believe it...... He's gone..." He cried silently to himself. "Damien come on we have to go!" It was Ellie. Damien nodded sadly and got his bags. He left the Ravenclaw common room for the last time.

Katrina Evangeline

Katrina was gazing from the shore of the lake. Sorry for herself that she would have to leave the only magical school she ever loved. "Will I ever be able to come back?" She asked a friend. "It is unlikely." They replied gloomily. Both of them jumped as something slammed a few feet next to them. Katrina screamed. It was the body of a blonde Gryffindor boy who had fallen from the Owlry tower. Katrina was hysterical and her friend tried to calm her down. "What is going on here?" A Slytherin girl came running and stopped suddenly. Shocked at the body bobbing in the lake. "Alright which one of you did this?" Katrina looked at her friend. "Neither of us did it Anna!" "Total baloney!" Anna yelled. She was cleary going insane. Katrina's friend tried to subdue Anna but Anna took out her wand and shouted something Katrina had hoped she'd never hear. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" A green light shone bright and Katrina's friend dropped to the floor dead. "NO!!!" Katrina was hopeless. Anna looked shocked herself. "Anna!! Look what you've done!" Katrina shouted."Kat... please don't tell anyone!" Anna pleaded. "I'm telling them! I can't let you get away with murder!" Anna looked around desperately and took out her wand. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Katrina stood in shock as the cursed green light came hurling toward her.

Anna Reed

Katrina dropped lifelessly next to her friend. There was no turning back now. Anna could never tell anyone. Not even her family that she had killed a Hufflepuff boy and girl. She turned away from the scene and ran. she went a few paces and ran head on into the headmaster. "H-h-headmaster?" She stuttered. The headmaster saw the bodies of The gryffindor boy and two hufflepuffs. "Murder?? I'm very shocked and appalled that you would do this Reed!!" Anna gulped...... "W-whats going to happen to me professor?" "What happens to all evil wizards." The Headmaster shook his head and said. "I'm afraid you'll have to be sent to Askaban." "A-ASKABAN?!?" Anna was beside herself with traumatic fury. "Y-you can't do that! I'm merely a child!" "No one is above the law Anna!" The headmaster retorted as dementors came to take Anna. "N-NO!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!" Her emotions and life were chilled as they were being sucked from her due to the dementors presence. "No STOP!! PLEASE!!" She screamed and kicked and fought to free herself. A dementor raised its hood and lowered its head towards her mouth. A dementors kiss was about to happen to Anna!! "NOOOOOO He-" But before she could say help me her soul was being sucked out. and her husk of a body was taken to Askaban.

Ashley Bradley

Ashley read the last copy of the daily prophet and gasped. Her brother Zack had jumped off a tower and died. From then on no one try as they might, could ever make her smile again.

*Update 2017: This wrap up should no longer be considered canon to the server as it is being revived. all characters in this story are now alive and well and none of this happened.*

Zackary Bradley ~ Second Year Gryffindor
Ashley Bradley ~ First Year Gryffindor
Katrina Angeline ~ First Year Hufflepuff
Damien Jackson ~ First Year Ravenclaw
Anna Reed ~ First Year Slytherin

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